Assessment of historical immovables A/CZ0046/2/0013
The sub-project has been supported from the EEA/Norway Grants and the Czech Republic state budget by means of the Research Support Fund.


Protection, conservation or renewal of historical immovables is becoming an important task for art historians, architects and civil engineers in many European countries. Inevitable part of a preservation of many historical immovables, including heritage structures such as industrial buildings, bridges and folk architecture, is their reliability assessment and design of adequate interventions taking into account the actual structural conditions and expected performance.

The fundamental research sub-project is aimed at developing the general methodology for the complex assessment of heritage structures with a particular focus on industrial buildings and bridges. The main goal of the sub-project is to provide operational tools and background information for decision making concerning the protection, conservation, renewal and extended use of historical immovables. The primary target group includes researchers, designers, practicing engineers, cultural heritage management and local authorities and other specialists interested in preservation of cultural heritage.

The sub-project is based on the partnership of the Czech Technical University in Prague - Klokner Institute and the Norwegian University of Live Sciences - Institute for Mathematics and Technology. In the period 2009-2010 the sub-project is partly supported by the Research Support Fund (EEA Grants / Norway Grants), Czech state budget and by the partners.